How is the matter going?

  1. First of all, we definitely need to know more details about the project or the goal of the site you need to create. In the beginning, we will click on “Request a quote for your site” above, and you will start entering the site data and some other details that we need in the initial evaluation process. Be patient and don’t get bored of the first ninety questions
  2. The site team will start reviewing the data and details and start the initial evaluation stage, on the basis of which we try to anticipate the time and cost required to implement the site as you want. Note that this will be an initial cost based on the data we received, but it may be that there are more technical details that the site will need if we discuss it more during the preparation stage for developing the site. To sum up, don’t be very happy with the price. This is an initial price
  3. After many discussions and e-mails, it will come and go. If everything is complete, you will start booking a role to develop your site with the group that is coming and we will pay part of the cost or the total cost according to the offer that we will agree on. During this period, and until the time of the group starts, the site team will start sending a lot of emails again, so that we can chat about the details and some technical matters to prepare for the site development stage. And we are behind something!
  4. When the time for the set of sites to be implemented begins, the site team will start working on your site and we will send emails every period of what we have received and what has been completed in order to follow the stages of development. If you have any notes or additions that need to be implemented, you will be able to send them to us until the site is ready. Thank God for safety and congratulations on the new site. Are you happy?

If there is something that is not clear and you need to contact us, you can see this page